Head of Learning & Development

A passionate and creative learning facilitator, Anni enjoys nothing more than working with people to help them develop and achieve. Working with client leads, Anni helps identify what the organisation needs to grow and succeed and how these translate to group and individual learning and development strategies.

For over 35 years, Anni has worked with leaders, managers, and organisational employees at all levels, representing a wide range of industries and sectors. She has amassed a wide knowledge that underpins her direct, fun, and stimulating approach to learning, with the individual learner always at the heart of what she does.

Anni’s passion and energy for what she does is infectious. Whether operating at board level in the C-Suite, or with individuals needing help with managing difficult customers, Anni has the ability to relate to people with different experiences of organisational decisions and expectations. This ability to operate and explore organisational and individual needs from different perspectives is what also helps make Ann a very effective coach.

Anni in 3...

Singing, Cooking, Walking

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